We are really happy and proud of the work of our first woman BSS ArchiCAD+Grasshopper Building System Specialist Marina  👩‍🎓


It was a pleasure to spend and share this nice and intense months with her. But this is her day, her celebration after this hard and amazing work what she made :

“The idea behind this project was to take fractal growth as a model for a city that can change its density while keeping the same structure. The biggest challenge for me was to find a realistic proportion between the building environment and the voids which are represented as the green areas.  Everything in this video is generated inside Archicad directly from Grasshopper. The python component was used to create a parametric masterplan pattern based on a recursive algorithm

I learned how to make all of this  in The BSS course at PAZ Academy created by Andrés and Nora who were also my tutors. Anyone can take this course including people with zero background in computational design. The course consists of three parts which are dedicated to develop a set of skills which one can immediately implement in work:

The 1st PART is a system of methods and resources that gives a solid base to start with your BIM software and Grasshopper connection.

The 2nd PART teaches how to manage the data from both sides.

The 3rd PART (is my favorite one).  It is exceptionally helpful and provides you with approaches to a variety of subjects.

I want to thank Nora and Andrés for the patient guidance during these 4 months. It was an incredible journey into the depths of parametric design and BIM which helped me to discover the confidence in using such powerful tools on a regular basis. I also appreciated the competition approach, although I am not a competitive person  it really helped me to stay motivated. Very often I took some time to discover more about the subject and I was always supported by the tutors. 

This course was a fortunate investment in my professional skills and an amazing experience!” – Marina

Thanks a lot for this nice words Marina and let’s continue : D


To sum up, we know ArchiCAD+Grasshopper BSS Title is an investment of time, energy and money. But to make it enjoyable, direct and personal, we built up the only and unique professional BSS. Building System Specialist Title is a PAZ masterpiece after 10 years of professional experience in this topic. So you learn about how to connect ArchiCAD with Rhino+Grasshopper. It will have a huge impact in your career. Meanwhile we talk you Rhino, Grasshopper, Archicad, Revit, Rhino Inside Revit. And of course other add-ons like Param-o, Python, Ladybug and much more.

Take care, it is addictive ; D



archicad grasshopper
ArchiCAD Grasshopper BSS Program


archicad + grasshopper
ArchiCAD + Grasshopper 3 Hours

BIM, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

PAZ Academy BIM

BIM, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

PAZ Academy BIM




As architects, our goal and passion is to create smart, high quality design. For this reason, we always have to mix and match our tools with our task in order to achieve our professional freedom. Digital tools help you to cross software barriers, open workflows, connect them in real time and provide easy access to join forces with other professionals around our planet. : )

The buildings you design are a reflection of your identity. The way they look, perform, and the feelings they emote – are all related to your beliefs, your values, and your vision as an architect.

But what about your workflow? Does your workflow express the same ideas as your projects? In addition to what you design, we believe that how you design says something about you, too.

In this unprecedented collaboration, two computational designers explain their story, and how open technology and advanced workflows help express their identity, allowing them: To share information freely – maintaining design momentum without missing a beat. The freedom to choose – which design route to take, which software to use. A fun and rewarding experience – doing what they love while still meeting deadlines.

From computational design to documentation, mixing and matching technology to fit the needs of the project, and bringing a sense of fun and freedom to the entire process, this webinar will reveal the true identities of major international BIM players PAZ Academy, McNeel & Associates, and GRAPHISOFT.

To learn more about ArchiCAD and the Grasshopper Connection and how to be #BIMlingual connection ArchiCAD and Revit real time thanks to the Rhino Inside Revit development.

If you want to check out more TOOLS and TUTORIALS – this is your site!

  I wanna learn more with PAZ : D 

Rhino Inside Revit

Rhino Inside Revit

Rhino Inside Revit and the PAZ BSS Rhino Inside Revit Title is a game changer in the AEC Industry. Thanks to that you can link your Revit BIM Model through Grasshopper.


Rhino Inside Revit and PAZ Academy

PAZ Academy created a challenging and exciting Platform. It is for everyone, who wants to learn Rhino and the power of Grasshopper from the beginning. Firstly, this 4 month Title is a shortcut for you.  A strongly structured system to show you the best practices. Therefore you will build up your own logic. Secondly the Rhino Inside Revit BSS Title will give you a deep knowledge in parametric design and visual scripting. During these 4 months, you will connect other software and languages.


Learn with PAZ how to create your secure and deep logic

Thanks to our Personal PAZ Platform and the strong connection with PAZ Professors, you will grow your own logic.  BSS is the best choice to be ready and to face later your every day problems in the office. For instance you will not only learn about Rhino Inside Revit, you will connect with other BIM Software. Because of that you will become BIMlingual.

On the other hand becoming BSS BIMlingual, opens up a new opportunity for you. It will make your communication easier to find the perfect channel with others.

COMMUNICATION between BIM Software



To sum up, we know Rhino Inside Revit BSS Title is an investment of time, energy and money. But to make it enjoyable, direct and personal, we built up the only and unique professional BSS. Building System Specialist Title is a PAZ masterpiece after 10 years of professional experience in this topic. So you learn about how to connect Revit with RhinoInside Revit, ArchiCAD + Grasshopper. It will have a huge impact in your career. Meanwhile we talk you Rhino, Grasshopper, Archicad, Revit, Rhino Inside Revit. And of course other add-ons like Param-o, Python, Ladybug and much more.

Take care, it is addictive ; D



Rhino Inside Revit




Parametric BIM
In our Building System Specialist Talk – BSS Talk – PAZ Academy invited Nathan Luke from Geometry Gym to learn about Parametric BIM Models.

We are very happy and excited to welcome Nathan Luke, Structural engineering consultant, software and tool developer from Geometry Gym.

Nathan joined GeometryGym in late 2018 after 8 years as a structural engineering consultant. Nathan is apart of the software development, training, support and sales teams and predominately focuses on tools development and supporting engineering clients. So he has a lot to explain and show us!

So let’s listen him and enjoy this hour with his great and dedicated work!

Thanks Nathan!

A bit about Geometry Gym : Founded in 2009, Geometry Gym started predominately around the idea of generating structural analysis models from complex architectural forms, generally between Rhino3d/Grasshopper and Oaysis GSA. As a transfer mechanism Jon learnt about the world of IFC and OpenBIM as a way of transferring this information between a whole range of software applications. So they do an amazing and incredible job!


How you can be part of it? Join to our Building System Specialist Title and a lot of Talks, Suprises are waiting for you : )

Here the links :





ARE YOU BIMlingual ?

A lot of research shows that from 60 to 75 percent of our population speak at least two languages so they are multilingual. And as we know, many countries have more than one official national language – like Switzerland with four or South Africa with eleven. But why most of us speak only one software language? Do you want to become BIMlingual?


BIMlingual, how to speak and connect multiple BIM Software, for example Revit + ArchiCAD trough Grasshopper and RhinoInsideRevit.

We have around 6500 languages in the world, but we don’t know the exact number. We can talk about dialects, less widely spoken ones, popular and official. Our students and professors speak 20 human languages and communicate in at least 4 different ones every day.

As research shows, the human brain has evolved to be multilingual, and those who speak only one language and are monolingual are not exploring their full potential. Biological evolution, language evolution, technological evolution, but most changes are driven by environmental, social and political pressures. Computer and software languages are just as important for expressing ourselves, our ideas as human languages. In order to achieve our professional freedom, we have to overcome our BIM monolingualism.

We are proud that more and more languages are joining our BSS group – both on a human and computer level! : )



Communication is fundamental to human existence and survival. From the first day we are born, we give signals to be understood and listened. During our lives it is continuous. It gets easier in the moment when we start to use a communication channel that is understood by more parties. Communication is the act of sharing information from one person to another person or group of people.

Every time we understand a different language, a different culture, a different software, we better understand the world, so our job and the others. It is economically, emotionally and socially beneficial. As we see in the AEC world, translators, exports and imports between software and version takes us a lot of time and errors.

Each new language gives you a new perspective and update to better understand the routes in order to improve your problem solving skills, to be able to multitask, make better and more rational, systematic and clear decisions and communicate and help across professionals / your team and countries.

Become BSS BIMlingual, open up a new opportunity and make your communication easier and find the perfect channel with others.



Bilingual brains depending on their task and what they want to express they sort out which language to use. They know in which task which one to use to solve problems faster and more accurate, expressing themselves that the others understand. It is something that they do not have to think about, it is coming automatically. Each new one will be a greater benefit, helping your brain to keep fit and healthy, not speaking about your professional opportunities and additional doors what you will open for your advance your career.

We know it is investment of time, energy and money. To make it structured, direct, and personal we built up the only and unique professional BSS – the Building System Specialist Title. You will connect ArchiCAD + Grasshopper, Revit with RhinoInside Revit. It will have a massive impact in your professional career, meanwhile we talk you BIMlingual Rhinoceros3D, Grasshopper, Archicad, Revit, Rhino Inside Revit, Paramo, Python, Ladybug and much until you also can : D

Take care, it is addictive ; D





Rhino Inside Revit






We are very happy and excited that our BUILDING SYSTEMS are getting REAL : D From the online PAZ Platform we are jumping now to the construction side ; )

This video shows a collaboration with our BSS – Building System Specialist PAZ-NET bna on a wooden façade for a private Mondrian inspired house in the Netherlands : D 🏡

We are very excited and happy with this project and collaboration!



This video shows the first sketches and ideas, how to combine concept & theory & technology and how to bring ideas directly to production : )



This video shows the most important step of the concept to understand the articulation and the veins of the house ; )



Here we show the process in a visual way how to bring information, data, industrial systems from websites, pdf-s, databases, books, emails, etc. and transform it to useful information to the computer 🖥️

It is a tiny part of our wood systems book with the steps, parameters and decisions of how the data, characteristics and properties were processed creating a matrix of options. We made a flexible tool transforming the inputs, predefined wood systems from the manufacturer into the computer language adapted to our design with all the joints and details ready for construction optimizing the material to save money and create less waste 🪓 In our case we had a manual for an industrial wood system, which we transformed into a 3D wood system with all the sizes, gaps, support structures and properties : ) 📏

We will soon publish the date for the Project Presentation with Rebaz Ali to explain you this amazing process and project to you!! Stay tuned and be part of the story ; D ⚡

Join and grow with our BSS – Building System Specialist Title and check, learn and buy our WOOD SYSTEMS BOOK to connect with your professional life : )



We are very happy and excited to welcome Kean Walmsley, Software Architect from Autodesk Research.

He is working on projects that integrate IoT data with BIM (sometimes called Digital Twins) via the Forge platform, as well as working on Generative Design in the AEC space. He has worked in various roles – and in various countries – during his career at Autodesk, including building and managing teams of software developers. Kean engages regularly with Autodesk’s developer and computational design communities, providing technical content and insights into technology evolution : D

Let’s listen him and enjoy this hour with his great and dedicated work!

Thanks Kean!




 MORE HERE  25b6


1f3e1 Our first group of the BSS – BUILDING SYSTEM SPECIALIST TITLE is finishing at the end of the month. 1f389

We are really proud of all the hard-worker and amazing professionals being part of this BSS Journey, believing and trusting us ; ) 1f64f We are really thankfully for them to make it possible and showing the way to others 1f680

Now YOU have the possibility to listen them about their experience, feelings during these months, giving you clear picture and reasons why to join ; D


1f447Under these links down or on the sidebar you can find more feedbacks and listen them to get inspired, motivated and ready for the BSS Journey ; D


BIM Parametric Design


BIM Parametric Design


This BSS TITLE is focused on the powerful working method between BIM and PARAMETRIC DESIGN : )