PAZ – Parametric Academy Zurich offers personal services from small to large companies that adapt to their profile in order to accelerate and optimize their workflow, to provide knowledge and value for their employees and apply it in the daily work process. For PAZ, your knowledge is the most important, helping you to create your own tools, to overcome software limitations, and maintain your design quality and sensibility with new technologies. We don’t want to sell you software, we want to give you the knowledge to use them all.

Your steps to get closer to your succesfull story :


Do you want to give your employees the best value what they can get? Let’s organize a workshop to provide them professional knowledge to develop their logic, creativity and problem solving skills, and make the team collaboration even stronger : ) PAZ has more then 10 years of experience as professors and experts to improve your office workflow and provide best practice examples dealing with everyday problems with a smile : D  – > EXAMPLES



Do you have a problem? Do you need a solution?  PAZ provides personal tools to solve your problems in a professional way. We take care of your design and details, and explain in a professional way how you can use it in a multiple way and upgrade your professional library from the first hand sketch to the last construction problems   – > SOLUTIONS



Would you like to take your office to the highest level? We plan the first steps with you with a personal strategic orientation, deciding what the company’s interest is and what you want to achieve in the future. This 1 year implementation plan includes training of the employees, professional office library, personal office website, etc. For this implementation, we offer a special learning method along the year from the initialisation of setting up to the useful and necessary daily problem solving. We offer you a training concept that leads you step by step to your goal – > CONTACT US



Do you want to be informed with the new technologies, outcomes and get involved in the amazing world of parametric design? Join to our PAZ platform, get your challenges and updates for your team and open a new platform, a new motivation topic in your office. We know how important it is to research and learn during our work. Let PAZ help you to select the most important and relevant topics for you and move you with challenges to your desired direction!  



PAZ offers personal presentations to be up to date with software, new technologies to explain how important it is to maintain our design quality and traditional architectural profession combined with the latest, most advanced and open technology to lift up your design solution to the highest level : D You will be shown the various possible uses and related terms. We explain what effects this new way of working has on the planning, construction process and on your team and what the necessary steps are to be able to carry out a project with Parametric Design : D The first steps to your freedom.  


Do you want to empower your office  with the most advanced design methods? Then you are exactly on the right page! The easiest way to get to know this methodology is to work with it yourself. Contact us and learn how to use visual scripting with expert guidance.

Contact Andrés 🇪🇸🇬🇧 :           📧 : [email protected] 📞 : 076 284 00 76

Contact Nora 🇩🇪🇨🇭🇭🇺🇬🇧 :      📧 : [email protected] 📞 : 078 646 06 44