Do you want to use the next 5 months to get ready with more efficient workflows and energize your BIM skills with parametric design, creativity, technical skills, craft strategies to change your professional life as a freelance or in your office to reach a higher position, create your company or grow, expand and solve more type of projects?? 🏘️

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Did you know that more than 70 % of our students they joined us because they got lost of the thousands of videos in YouTube, texts, podcasts and did not find a structured way to learn and were wasting a crazy amount of time?

For this reason we built up a direct, structured, and clear learning path with private PAZ mentorship. It is the most powerful way to secure your future, create your life and design and solve something you currently do not think is possible. It is our privilege to share with you the best of what we have learned over the last 12 years to help you quickly build your computational design thinking. BSS is a unique experience both educationally, professionally, and emotionally.

Let’s jump in together! Because when you bring your life to our trainings, we bring our talents to your life, and that combination will prove to be very rich with new discoveries.

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ArchiCAD Grasshopper
ArchiCAD Grasshopper


Rhino Inside Revit
Rhino Inside Revit